A note from

Jacob Friedrich

Good Day,

My name is Jacob Friedrich. I grew up in Randolph, graduated from Randolph, and continue to live in Randolph. I am 32 years old, have two fur children and a long-term live-in girlfriend. My work experience mainly consists of over 14 years of management experience in the transportation industry between the railroad and the trucking industry.


I was elected to finish a term on the City Council in April 2019 after a member resigned. This was part of a special election where I ran against 3 other people. Before this I have had no experience participating or campaigning for a local Government position. I chose to run for the position after finding in old council meeting minutes that things were getting passed through the council with very little questioning and the council was spending money without first making sure it is the best option as well as the least expensive option.


I will not waste your time with talking about what I am going to do or what my interests are all just to win your vote. I have learned month to month since April 2019 you never know what will get put on your plate or what decisions you need to weigh in on. I don’t feel comfortable selling myself to people with telling them what I am going to do. I would rather show you facts about what I have done on the City Council. If you approve and would like more of this, please vote for me in November. If you don’t like what I have done and are not interested in seeing what else I can do for you, please vote for others.


  • I pushed heavy and voted to replace all water meters as well as our water meter reading system.

  • I made the motion to implement the Land Survey Ordinance and the Engineering Grading Permit requirement. Before this we had no record that the city had required lot owners to prove they are not negatively affecting the land and causing the land to drain incorrectly; causing flooding. Now with these ordinances it requires builders or residents to prove the grading is approved. IF a possible issue were to arise, we can now show proof that an engineer approved of the grading.

  • I made the motion and voted to reverse franchise fees that were set for utility companies in town which would have resulted in those companies passing the buck and charging the residents to make up for the franchise fee. (hidden tax) If I need to raise your taxes to increase our revenue, if absolutely needed (last resort) I will be honest about it and raise them upfront rather than it be hidden behind a fee to a utility company. Keep in mind raising taxes is almost a sin to me.

  • I voted to increase the minimum size of a detached garage to 1500 square feet.

  • When a bid was put on the table for over $8,000 to reseal the cracks on the newer roads in Cynthia Path I got my own 3 bids and was able to get the work done by a local reputable company for around $2,500.

  • I kept us from raising the minimum on allowable size of a lot in town that is considered buildable. What if we have residents that purchased their property with the dream of splitting the property into multiple lots? We are still largely above the national average for size of buildable lots. We are not having issues selling lots in town due to their size.


  • I fought to keep the city from implementing the program of only having one contracted garbage company in our town. One company servicing every resident. My main reason above many is I would never want to lose the freedom to self-negotiate with different garbage companies to make sure I am getting the best deal and the best service possible as a resident. If the City contracts with one company and they end up giving bad service to some of our residents, we are stuck with them for the contract length. Also residents would be unable to use large dumpsters from other companies. I didn’t think it was right to handcuff our residents like that.

  • After multiple occasions of discussion and research on what is the best course of action to take on our potholes on our streets I got bids and we moved one thru for spray patching to repair our streets. The issues we faced was that many of the streets need heavier repairs and I didn’t want to spend so much money repairing potholes just to replace the road in the spring. Another issue was waiting to hear about a possible grant to get city sewer installed which again would cause us to tear up the roads. Both of these issues would dictate the amount we would spend on potholes as well as the type of repairs we would do for different time frames.

  • I am working closely with our engineer and will see through that we will create a financial plan on replacing roads one by one and year by year without raising taxes.

  • I opposed tearing down a tree in front of the city hall and removing a good sidewalk to replace it with another sidewalk. My reason was cost. An idea was presented to remove the large tree in front of the city hall due to it growing too close to the flying American Flag as well as discharging twigs and causing maintenance. Also tearing up a perfectly good concrete sidewalk to replace it with a new one and fill the whole area with concrete. I felt we could have saved money by looking for donations or public help to get the work done. I also felt like we could have kept the existing sidewalk and poured new concrete around it. I also wanted to exhibit the idea of trimming the tree instead of removing it. Or leverage the cost of moving the flag pole versus tearing down the tree and replacing with concrete. Either way the result was the area looks great now but it may have looked just as great for half the cost. This work costed over $6,000.


No matter your interest, I beg of you to get out and vote in person in November. Please contact me with any questions. 612-919-2758 or jakefriedrich110@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.