A note from

Thomas Tate

Thomas Tate 

Elect by Write-In

Randolph City Council

Fellow Randolph Neighbors and Community Members:

My name is Thomas Tate, residential address of: 3977 290th St E. Randolph. Direct neighbor to my daughter, Jessica Wernimont, husband, Austin Wernimont and 3 Grandchildren who attend Randolph Public School. Married to my spouse of 34 plus years, Cheri Tate. Our son, Jake also owns residential property in Randolph. Our youngest daughter, Jennifer resides in a nearby small, neighboring town.

It is my honor to run for City Council by Write-In to serve our community. 

Coming from the small, neighboring town of Hampton, MN, I have developed a love for small town communities, values and benefits.

Some of the things cherished in Randolph: 





Neighborly Gatherings

Children Playing, Enjoying  Community and Amenities

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Community Members Volunteering


Annual Events


The City of Randolph and Officials


Positive Strengths and Experiences:

Marine Corps Veteran

Construction Business Owner/Operator

Union Job Foreman for Masonry Commercial Industrial Structures

Foreman for Large Crewmembers

Equipment Operator

General Contractor


Studied at Dunwoody Institute, Estimator

Research/Analyze with Solution Follow Through

Leadership Qualities

Decision Making

Positive Influence


Retired w/ability to Serve our Community for a Positive Input

Open Minded

Team Oriented


It is our duty to ensure that we engage in and manage the city’s business and responsibilities in an equitable fashion, while considering community members’ questions, comments, and concerns.

With the best interests of the City of Randolph and its Community Members in sight, I, Thomas Tate would be honored to serve our community as your City Council Member.  

We want to enjoy and preserve our community for all that it is and all that it can be.

-Thomas Tate

Of the city-for the city!

-Thomas Tate

Exercise your privilege, vote, vote, vote!


Thank you for your consideration of  Randolph City Council Elect by Write-In!

Thomas Tate 

Elect by Write-In

Randolph City Council