A note from

Todd Carlock

Todd Carlock

29163 Danel Ave

Personal history

              I grew up in St. Louis Park and after graduation attended Dakota County Technical College.

 I was a proud member of the Minnesota National Guard from 1994 through 2002. 

In 2007, I moved to Randolph purchasing my home through the Randolph School House program, I live in house #12.

I am the guardian for my sister Jackie and our hearts were saddened this summer with the passing of our mother Judy due to complications of Covid 19.

Experience I will bring to the City of Randolph

I was a 20 year member of the Teamsters’ Union.  I was involved in and worked on labor contracts and grievance hearings and understand how to bring people together to get things done.

As a resident of Randolph, I advocated for the creation of a City Website as some people don’t use Facebook.  Now that we have the website, I believe all of the city ordinances should be accessible on it as well as the city council meetings.   Citizens should be able to know and see what is being done with their money and the decisions made by the council without having to attend every council meeting.  

I voiced concerns over the Franchise fees on utilities that would have been passed onto the residents with no recourse, we don’t need more fees or taxes and if we do, just be honest about them.  I was encouraged when the council reversed their earlier decision and eliminated these unnecessary hidden fees. 

Goals and vision for the City of Randolph

Pothole repair done in a timely manner, no longer waiting until September.  Waiting just causes damage to our cars and trucks, a hidden individual expense that isn’t necessary. The city budgets for the repairs, the work needs to be done. 

Installing handicapped accessible bathrooms in City Hall.  The Americans with Disabilities Act is now 30 years old, this is not only the right thing to do, it’s the law. 

Responsible use and accounting of citizen’s tax dollars.  No more kicking the can down the road when it comes to streets, sidewalks or the water tower.  No more 50% tax increases when, with simple money management, timely maintenance and awareness we would have avoided that sticker shock.  As recently as 3 years ago, the City hadn’t collected over $100,000 for their water fund, some accounts hadn’t been billed or collected for over 4 years, this cannot happen again.  I want to help guide the City through any proposed street and sewer project, making the residents aware of all the short and long term obligations associated with such a project.

In closing, I promise you that if elected, I will always be accessible to you, represent you, never be a rubber stamp for any agenda item, and try to create the best Randolph possible!  


I sincerely ask for your vote on November 3rd



Todd Carlock