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Next Monthly Scheduled Meeting

June 12, 2024 7:00pm



We have scheduled a special meeting Wednesday May 29th at 7pm to discuss sewer project details.

Important Notices
We have several positions up for re-election this year. 

We have several spots open for re-election this year in November! the dates to "file" or sign up to run for these spots will be July 30th to August 13th. More details on how, where, and what times to sign up will come in the future before then. 


**Usually, the council positions are offset. All being 4-year positions, 2 would be up for election this year and then the 3rd would be up for election in 2026 with the clerk position. However, the previous person who held the position moved out of the city during their term. We then took applications and appointed someone to fill the position temporarily instead of bearing the costs of an election for just one position. The result is that now at this general election this year we need to elect to fill that position for its remaining 2 years. In 2026 this position would be up for election again but for 4 years. 

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