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May 12, 2021 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

Call to order:

Roll Call:


  • Mayor Robert Appelgren

  • Council Members Sarah Podritz, Jacob Friedrich, and Todd D Carlock

  • Treasurer Sandy Nicolai and Clerk Mary Haro

Public Comments:

A citizen asked if the water tower city lot could be sprayed for weeds. There was a discussion regarding not using chemicals to spray the lawn. Appelgren made a motion to not spray the city lot by the water tower, seconded by Podritz. All voting in favor, Appelgren, Haro, Podritz, opposed, Friedrich and Carlock, motion passed 3:2.

Prior Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the April 14, 2021 regular council meeting minutes was made by Friedrich, seconded by Podritz. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Approval of Treasurer Report

We will pay the Bolton & Menk invoices after we move the money from the bond account money. Clerk Haro noted that she needs to send an email to Ehlers to move the money from the bond account which takes about 2 days and then the checks can be mailed to Bolton & Menk She will send an email to move the money tomorrow (5/13/21).

Sandy noted that she accidentally doubled the water bills but she wrote on the envelopes to just pay the current invoice amount and not the past due amount (unless the past due amount is actually still outstanding).

A motion to approve the Treasurer's Report was made by Podritz, seconded by Friedrich. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Approval to Pay Bills

Sandy noted there was an in/out for the fire department in the amount of $15,000 that is not on the list of bills. Also it was noted that we should be receiving an invoice from General Iron for the repair of the swing set in the park.

Motion to approve the payment of bills as written was made by Friedrich, and seconded by Podritz. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Old Business

Holding Pond Update

Matt indicated that he had not heard back from Dan's Engineer. Clerk Haro checked with his bank and they indicated we just needed to send a request to obtain money from his letter of credit. We need to figure out what's wrong and get a bid to fix it and send a request to the bank to pay for it.

Matt asked his engineer to send him an email regarding what is going on with the pond, if is it that there is not enough fill or a mistake in the model then Matt could then check with Bolton & Menk's water resource department and they can verify what they indicate is right or wrong with the pond and then get back to his engineer but they never sent an email to Matt.

Dan Wenstrom was present and indicated if he doesn't get the information needed from his engineer he asked if Matt through Bolton & Menk could indicate what needs to be done. It was indicated that it may be right or that there is something the needs to be completed.

He was told that he cannot use Bolton & Menk because that would be a conflict of interest according to our legal counsel. Dan indicated he just wanted this to be done as much as we want it done. He just wants to be told what is or isn't wrong with the pond. Dan will reach out to his engineer and ask that they contact Matt and give him a report to know exactly where this is at and when they will complete the project. Matt needs to know why the model is not right. They need to put in the work and tell us what they are going to do for fix the problem if it is not right.

We told Dan that by the June meeting we need to know if anything is wrong and the correction action that is going to happen by June 2nd.

Motion by Appelgren that Dan sends us a holding pond update and the time frame to be fixed by June 2nd or we move forward with a resolution to fix it, seconded by Friedrich. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

New Business

Randolph Trailblazer

Bob Romanoski asked if the City would again sponsor the Randolph Trailblazers for the 21-22 season. Motion by Friedrich to sponsor the Randolph Trailblazers by Resolution No. 21-05 for the 2021-2022 season, seconded by Carlock. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Step Saver – Permit for Building

Chuck Steffl on behalf of Step Saver discussed building a new shed. They would like to build a 52 x 96 shed to store salt It will have a cement floor. Our building inspector Mark indicated they we will need a signed engineer inspection and the contractors license number, otherwise it is all good.

Motion by Friedrich to approve the building permit for Step Saver, pending the items that need to be submitted, seconded by Haro. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Mark also noted that the City needs to assign an address for the building for state fire code. Check indicated he does has an address that is noted on his Xcel bills. We will use that address. Chuck will send the address to the City.

Rezoning of 4311 Upper 291st Street

Heather Heidenreich and Alayna Lund indicated that they decided to wait on the rezoning at this time as they still have some items that need to be worked out. They need to work with Dakota County regarding the septic. They were told that because they are changing the rezoning of the property that we were told by Dakota County they will have to update the septic at this time. They were told to talk with Brad Becker at Dakota County regarding the septic. They will let us know when they want to have the property rezoned to residential.

Randolph Fire Department

Jake Toledo appeared on behalf of the Randolph/Hampton Fire Department to ask the council for the road closure and a one day gambling resolutions needed for the upcoming Chicken Barbeque set for August 21, 2021. Friedrich made a motion to approve Resolution No. 21-06 authorizing Road Closure of 292nd Street between Divers Path and Distad Path from noon on August 21 until 1 am on August 22; and Resolution No. 21-07 authorizing a One Day Gambling for the Randolph/Hampton Fire District Annual Chicken Barbeque, seconded by Podritz. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Continuing Disclosure Contract with Ehlers

Clerk Haro noted that now that the bond sale has been closed we will have certain disclosures that need to be made to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ehlers prepared a contract to do the disclosures for an annual sum of $750.00. Appelgren made a motion to accept the contract from Ehlers for an annual amount of $750.00, seconded by Friedrich. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

Sanitary Sewer Update

Bolton & Menk noted that the appraisals have come back for the three properties that are interested in for the stabilization pond and the spray irrigation. There are two properties for the spray irrigation and if both are interested, we would most likely have both of them so the water could be split between the two properties. As for the stabilization pond there will be some extra acreage that we would purchase for expansion of the ponds. The properties are in the township and they will reach out to them once the landowners are on board. We would most likely put out a purchase offer contingent on the township's approval. We would then need a conditional use permit from the township.

Matt then discussed the 2040 comprehensive plan and the existing land use and the future land use. Every city in Minnesota needs to prepare a comprehensive plan every 10 years. It's to plan for the future. He discussed projections and the way we are growing they anticipate 1.35 homes per year. So with that we need to look at what we want to size the ponds – we don't want to oversize and never use that capacity. We will have the extra land if we need to expand the pond in the future. Do we look at the 1.35 households per year, 2 households per year or 5 households per year which we would build the ponds for 225 households at 2 households per year. These are all things that we need to think about. We want to make sure we can get all of the streets done. For future developments we could charge a hook up fee and put into an account so when we would need to resize the ponds we would have money for that cost. For existing homeowners there would be no hookup fee. Future housing would need to pay a hookup after the pond is built.


Water Meters

Sandy discussed water meters for commercial businesses. She received a bid of $6200 for meters for the school, for River Valley Coop and C&S Chemical. The ones they sent us will not work for the businesses. We can return ones we have not used but we would like to know what we get back for these unused meters. Also we need to work on a commercial rate for water use. We will ask Bryce to come to the next meeting so we can discuss this further. It was noted that Ehlers will be doing a rate study for water use.


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Podritz, seconded by Appelgren, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.

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