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June 12, 2024 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

Call to order:

The regular Randolph City Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Marie  Jacob.

Roll Call:


  • Mayor Marie Jacob

  • Council Members Jacob Friedrich, Todd D Carlock, and Tony Price

  • Clerk Mary Haro

  • Also, in attendance was Bolton & Menk engineer, Matt Blazer.

Approval of Agenda:

Motion to approve the agenda was made by Friedrich, seconded by Price. All voting in  favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0. 

Public Comments:

A citizen asked about land usage. We told him that he should request to be placed on the  agenda to discuss this. He asked that we add him to next month's agenda.  

Prior Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the May 8, 2024 regular council meeting minutes was made by  Friedrich, seconded by Price. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.  

A motion to approve the May 29, 2024 special council meeting minutes with the correction  of replacing regular with special in the heading and first paragraph was made by Friedrich,  seconded by Jacob. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0. 

Treasurer's Report and Payment of Bills:

Motion to approve the payment of bills was made by Friedrich and seconded by Price. All  voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0.  

Old Business


New Business

Dakota County Deputy 

Officer Heather Nelson was present and asked if there were any concerns. No one had  any items to discuss with her.  

Camper Parking on City Property 

We had a report of a camper on the City right of way. It may be an unused right of way  but it is on city property – it is at the end of Dawson Avenue. It used to be an alley which  is not being maintained by the city. We contacted our legal counsel and it was indicated  that the camper cannot be on city property. We do have rules of where you can park a  camper and one of them is not in a front yard. They need to move the camper so that it is  not on city property. We will give them 30 days to move the camper or we will contact  the city attorney. It was noted that there are other properties that have buildings on the  right of way which will be addressed at a later date.  

Holding Pond Mowing 

It was noted that the mowing inside the holding pond has been done. However, the  weeds along the fence need to be dealt with. It needs to be mowed to keep the weeds  down; however, the fence makes it more difficult. Friedrich proposed that we remove the  fence but continue to mow the area. He will get quotes on getting it removed or what we  should do with it. If we do remove the fence, we should put up signs of "No  Trespassing".  

It was indicated that we should ask the residents if they want the fence removed. We will  put it on the agenda for next month to discuss. Also it was noted that the fence is set 4  foot in on the city property. We should discuss this with Greta if there is a liability. Also  because it was a CDBG grant we may have to repay it back if we take it down. We need  to check the agreement to see if there is any clause that would prevent us to take it down.  

Also it was asked how much of the property needs to be the pond. The size of the pond  was for expansion for future development.  

It was also discussed regarding a park in the area or a walking path around the holding  pond. We will keep this in mind and discuss this in the future. 

Bolton & Menk Sewer Update 

The sanitary sewer in front of City Hall is done with services (both sewer and water). The  storm sewer should be going in the next week. The rain has been putting things behind.  Once the storm sewers go in on Dixie and then in front of city hall, they will cut the road  in, lay gravel and curbs will be put in. They will start on the West side of Dickman and on  the East side of the railroad tracks and then go up Dawson and do Upper 291st Street since  that is a short section. They want to the finish the sections that need the dewatering so that can be taken down. The dewatering should not be needed after Danel and just shy of  Duncan. They will put a few more wells in. It was asked if we are expected to go over  budget on the dewatering process. They did a per day for that expense and we may go over  a little.  

Matt has been talking to Mr. Kelley regarding accessing the school. There will be a water  shut down on Friday and citizens affected by this should have been notified T  

They had construction sticks that have gone missing. They ask that people do not remove  them. The contractor will remove them when they are done and no longer necessary.  

We discussed the signs for R Bar and the Post Office on Dickman – they has been no  consistency on the placement. The construction contractor are moving the signs when  needed. They need to be updated. Also it was noted that Big R Service does not have a  sign for their business and Matt indicated that they are working on that.  

It was asked where are we on scheduling – are we on schedule. We would like to see the  schedule posted at each months meeting. If the contractor goes over the November 2025  deadline there are fees they will have to deal with as that is in the contract It was noted  that when it is not raining they are moving quickly. It was asked about paving the roads.  Will it be done at all once or in section They have to pave as they go so it will be sections  at a time. It will just be the preliminary blacktop. The last lift will be at the end of the  project. Once they get the gravel down they will put in curbs and the blacktop will go in  right behind that. Then sidewalks will be installed.  

It was brought up about the numerous potholes on the roads and it was indicated that we  should ask Otte's to fill in some of the potholes. Matt indicated that he will ask the  contractor to fill some of them in.  

There may be a time when Dickman may be the only access into and out of town when  they are working on 292nd street.  

We would like Matt to include what is left for the contingency in our monthly updates.  

It was asked about the change order that we recently received which involved lowering the  elevation of the ponds which will saved on earth work so that will save us money.  

A citizen noted that the contractors are being great to work with.  

Council Member Reports

Todd noted that the mowing at the water tower was not getting done around the signage  and Todd took care of it and was wondering why it was not being taken care by the  contractor. Marie will talk to him.  

He noted that we upset some parties regarding the camper issue and he noted that there are  properties in the city that should be dealt with. There are plenty of campers, ice castles and residences that has open windows and uninhabitable. If we are going to address this issue  we should deal with others.  

Jake will check with Charlie Wille regarding the back wall of the fire hall. Because of the  work being done in the area they most likely can't get back there to work. We should have  him do the work before the area is restored. Jake will have them discuss this with Matt regarding the schedule to get this done. 

Marie noted that Bryce said the notification system has been repaired. We did qualify for  a $10,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Health which will help cover the cost The notification will go to Bryce first and the second contact will be to Jake. Jake should  contact Bryce to discuss what needs to be done.  

We received information from Met Council regarding the population in the city if anyone  is interested in reviewing it.  

She received a message regarding chickens and there are several homeowners who have it could be any one of them that their chickens got out of the pens  

It was asked what is the process of filing a complaint if someone is violating an ordinance.  He was told that they should send an email to the city. It was asked if something is only  acted on if they receive a complaint. Not necessarily, if something is noted we have sent letters to residents indicating that are violating an ordinance  


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Friedrich, seconded by Carlock, the meeting was  adjourned at 8:05 p.m. All voting in favor, none opposed, motion passed 5:0. 

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